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Fashion circles is one such place, full of wild people, places spotlight exposure, there will be inevitable in that corner of the shadows and silence of the compromise.
Fashion circles is one such place, full of wild people, places spotlight exposure, there will be inevitable in that corner of the shadows and silence of the compromise.

Designers, models, photographers angel kingdom under the spotlight, and now they are being paranoid in the art by various thoughts, eating life of natural light. Artistic achievements of the birth quietly, his life was in a step away from humanity. Designers seeking inspiration wild, wild want to be famous models, and strive to achieve the purpose of unscrupulous photographers can be said to be a role more wild, a series of models of suicide shady, to see the newspaper headlines over the past year, relationship with him a little more or less, this suicide, wages, and indecent assault, violence, dark, life models, all this illustrates that the fashion world is no longer what is the kingdom of the angels under the spotlight, how to save his life is more an issue worthy of our attention.

 MODELS wandering for a long time in the top, looked at the male model Ambrose Olsen and large Adriana Lima ads during his lifetime, almost could not find any trace. The guy committed suicide for unknown reasons, the life of a thank Epiphyllum, really "walk softly, do not take a cloud." His life did not keep, do not know is that the art of loyalty or devotion? But no matter which side you are the earth's creatures? What kind of operation mode of thinking? Say which language? It is generally accepted that the practice of disrespect for life. No value after death, but "lighter than a feather." Because of the current fashion circles, never missing model, no shortage of stripper, do not you take off was off, red a number of death of a number of group again, fought, as long as people do not have the visual gap, these people simply disappear quietly to attract any attention. Those tender teenage model, head to the aura of fame, behind the photographer with tight pockets. Let the photographer and the lens in the language above the offensive, not loud words, if you encounter class fashion photographer Terry Richardson King such a figure can be, frankly none of the current one is a large fashion and pornography and sex is not detached , so the winner? Worth consideration. Like perfume, fragrance to "point" Perfume "line", Eau De Toilette to "face" to see the weight of its own, belonging to that level where the photographers will almost the same.

 In 2009, America's top Western model offered Zipf (Sarah Ziff) released documentary "PictureMe", reveal the dark side of modeling industry behind the scenery, the Kingdom of instant hell on earth angel, the real content, popular in the major film festivals. She said the film is a sex maniac in this industry, "hunting" of land, full of "a group of middle-aged Han Like the shark", wants to play underage girls mind, and making underwear ads more like when the stripper, way to make a model the bitterness of children. Western model offered a 16-year-old revealed that in taking photos, the world's top photographers by a sexual assault, she was scared motionless, afraid to speak. Unfortunately, this Western model offered for fear of business disruption, in the documentary changed his mind on the eve of the New York premiere, she was asked by deleting the fragment.

To February, the devil's left us a year, but people have not forgotten from the memory of the depths of this "bad boy", why did he end his life? Reality can not satisfy his desire to create? Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld was in that Mcqueen said after his death, I think his work is unique and has never refused to mediocrity. This is where you can always see from the death of a temptation, sometimes of his design against humanity, but who would know? Maybe when you flirt too long and death, death will attract you to go. The more anti-humanity, go farther away from reality. Competition for the pursuit of design inspiration, prompting them to walk in their own style of alternative, anti-human obsession of art themselves, and ultimately to change the end to the endless, as they say, he did not leave, but another world to continue his creative design, because the living world has been unable to give his new pursuit, the art of good design endless, but the destruction of humanity, no longer want to bring art of human destruction of such extreme behavior. This could be considered fashionable circles and the dark side of the design world, we want a virtuous circle design circle, put more attention on those designers who do not just look forward to those who anxiously waited for their outstanding costumes.

Inspiration for the designs, like real people, but no blood, no more intuitive than this analogy is appropriate. No inspiration to do anything, the models show no feeling, get out artwork designers, photographers, advertising can not make a large story, which set a vicious cycle will lead to a brand disappeared from rivers and lakes, because Not every luxury brand has enough solid family property, do not let your profits within a few years no problem, a tight ring sets, each link is stressful, drug abuse, drunkenness and even sexy, all become obtain a tool for inspiration. Now look at the media industry, beneath the surface of Guangyan, no one knows their internal pressure, there are always a few days each month is unkempt, depressed, looked sluggish, flying in major cities to participate in activities. S only because of theme, the draft, corrected, layout children through the night to work overtime. Faced with this extreme pressure, the only release is the free thinking, well, drugs became the only option at this time. Put more attention on those good designers, good models, good photographers who do not let them be paranoid, obsessed with anti-human, believe there is no net worth than the preservation of their lives is more important. Figure board for kate moss drug Sun headline, Alexander Mcqueen even behind the moss, the two have been friends.
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No. 1 January 2011, China's top model Liu Wen published on the Spanish version of "Vogue", with the previous interpretation of the nomadic mix and match different styles. Photography by photographer Thomas Schenk Zhang Jing, John Galliano, Rodarte, Misson and other fashion with a heavy headdress, will mix and match the spirit to an extreme.
mangano Winter Series has released a high-profile advocates to sexy, the red of a single product and some models are large-scale modeling, people have endless reverie. Attractive enough, but still want to say you will wear the "sexy lingerie brand " of a single product to the streets it? !
Works of genius photographer - which is world-renowned fashion photographer RichardAvedon one of the most beautiful series - inMemoryofMr.AndMrs.Comfort, screen has a strong lineup of designer clothing combinations: JeanPaulGaultier, IsseyMiyake, ChristianLacroix, CommedesGar'ons , ManoloBlanik, MaisonMartinMargiela, JohnGalliano, ThierryMugler, AtelierVersace ... ... his work last month, Christie auction house to 841,000 euros hit a new high.
Recently, the famous model Abi Li seems obsessed with Lara Love, continue to "Interview" magazine shoot Lara holy wedding show, the photographer David Bailey, interpretation of this wild and forbidding love.

Abbey Lee Kershaw by David Bailey for iD Winter 20102

Abi Li beauty is really breathtaking, both men and women should be dumping it definitely has enough persuasive Photos. Long time fashion photography master DavidBailey are personally, as she has photographed this group published in the "iD" magazine on the 2010 Winter masterpiece. This group of newly released photos of the same style with a strong 60's, and DavidBailey always tough feeling. Full of confused, wild sexy and break the power of detention.
Not deliberate imitation, not blindly chasing is not suitable for their own "fashion ", like their brave expression, this is a new era of women advocates. Refused boring monotonous, wearing the beautiful Daphne winter boots fashion forward, showing their own unique charm!

Thick leather with a sweet bow, Daphne 2011 The perfect combination of both these new products. Contained in a lovely noble, stable yet playful, sparkling bow decorated with a small drill, definitely makes you focus everyone's attention, neither was boring was not frivolous, is the choice for urban white-collar workers.

Should today you're going to a dance PARTY, body sculpting under a fringed leather skirt boots, metal buckle with tassel, the popular and elegant metal wind sent the perfect mix and match together, each one to see the person you are breathing Sexy smell in the air, people love more is that each is decorated with a tassel below Koyanagi nails, fringed with your feet flying, which accompanied the crisp Koyanagi collide nails sound, as if stepping on the beat note, it is Is fantastic.
Korean female artist Choi Jeong-Yuan recently for a fashion magazine photo shoot in January number, turned sexy cellist, attracting people's attention. Sexy leather skirt and stockings the perfect combination of new and refined ultra!
After Christmas, love underwear brand in the New Year, launched a festive atmosphere with a New Year Gifts at the dawn of this New Year, to be noble and elegant woman, Princess of Rome to be sexy now!
Favorite lingerier - Roman Holiday
Elegant woman is a rare pearl of earth, such as Hepburn, as simple truth, is not complicated is not luxury, elegance is the heart and put the light. This family is comfortable and full of subtle shiny stretch satin fabric with narrow lace and ribbons, touch smooth and comfortable, classic retro wave point of printing, fine, in cloth as cotton material, moisture permeability health, style simple and practical, With convenient coat.

one pic is the bra of the classic single product, one pic that is to comfort the product itself known. The most important in the design is printed, we have the choice of printing a lot of thought, yellow Leopard too jump, but with pink together, a chemical reaction, very beautiful. Light-colored Leopard, there are some cute sweet taste. Black and white zebra pattern that is somewhat strong and sexy. In addition, one-piece molding because it is hot, so ventilation will be worse, but the new development of the cup, cloth, very comfortable and breathable. Give this dress feel more perfect.

Vacant carved lace, with a total swing in your youth, skirt billowing nostalgia and tenderness between the delicate flavor of maturity, to round your heart has measured a sexy princess dream it! This series uses a soft imitation Liewei Si fine lace material lace fine, clear lines, soft-clear, color in the color selection of classical, soft delicate pink, purple, elegant, black sexy mature style design emphasis on light and compact, ribbon bow Richer charming decorative details, the expression of young women, sexy and cute, mature, successful combination.

Victoria secret angel to tell you :Supermodel Candice Swanepoel   shot LOOKBOOK for Victoria's Secret  brand , the integration of body and lingerie to show you the definition of sexy.